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1st Semester Report Card Information



High School Parents & Students:

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction administered new End of Course Exams and North Carolina Final

Exams this fall semester to our students. As a result of the new tests, the NC Department of Public Instruction needed
to certify the results of these tests in order to create a scale score for the final exam grades. Due to the number of
new tests given across the state, the NC Department of Public Instruction has delayed the certification of final
exams. As a result of that decision, report cards will be delayed.


State law and Rockingham County Schools policy requires that these new exams count as 25% of the final grade for

each student. Since the NC Department of Public Instruction has delayed the certification of the final exams, we cannot
yet assign an exam grade or a final grade for fall 2016 End of Course or North Carolina Final Exam courses. Students
are receiving a grade of INCOMPLETE in these courses.


Due to the number of courses receiving grades of INCOMPLETE, we will delay the issuance of High School Report

Cards until the scores are certified. As soon as the scores are certified, we will print and issue report cards for students.
In the meantime, students will proceed with their second-semester courses until the scores are certified. Once scores
are certified, high schools may need to adjust current student schedules to accommodate for any passed/failed courses
that have prerequisites. This situation will not currently impact any athletic eligibility as students will continue to be
eligible until the scores are finalized. Once scores are certified, the Athletic Director will then check for eligibility for
the 2017 spring semester.


We apologize for this inconvenience and ask for your understanding and patience as we wait for the certification of

exam scores. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your school’s Principal or the Rockingham County
Schools Central Administrative Office for assistance.
.   Click here foa downloadable/printable copy of the letter.