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MHS Robotics Team

McMichael and Morehead Robotics Teams (along with Holmes Middle School) competed in the NC Vex Robotics Competition (VRC) State Championship this past Saturday, March 11, 2017.  Hopes were to win the coveted tournament champion or excellence awards.  Either award qualifies teams for the VRC World Championship, in Louisville Kentucky this April.  North Carolina only has 5 VRC World Championship slots.


Vex Robotics Competitions consists of 

1) A tournament with qualification and elimination rounds 

2) Programming and Driver Skills 

3) An interview with team members where they show off their robot and related engineering notebook.  

At the end of the tournament, McMichael together with Morehead, out maneuvered their opposition for a victory. Both schools received the title "State Champions". Also both teams acquired 1 of 5 spots to the VRC World Championship. This is McMichael's second consecutive State Championship.  Also, Holmes Middle School, who works with the Morehead team, won the Middle School Excellence Award.  The excellence award, the highest award in Vex robotics, is given to the best overall team.

State Champions (qualifies for Vex World Championship):

McMichael High School (2777G)

Morehead High School (9064A)

Middle School Excellence Award (qualifies for Vex World Championship):

Holmes Middle School (9064C)

Design Award:

McMichael High School (2777V)

Judges Award:

McMichael High School (2777G)


Morehead High School (9064A)

Tournament Finalist:

McMichael High School (2777N)

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