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RCS Exceptional Children Department Recognizes Exceptional Efforts

January 19, 2017

The Rockingham County Schools Exceptional Children’s Department met today for the January 18
th Professional Development Day. The focus was exceptional efforts and excellence in specially designed instruction for students with disabilities.  During the professional development, fifteen Exceptional Children’s Staff were recognized with awards for their pursuit of excellence in their roles within the Exceptional Children’s Department. The Exceptional Children’s Department has had a focus this year of operational excellence, instructional excellence, and graduation/post-secondary outcomes. All sixteen of the award recipients exemplify efforts in one or more of the “excellence” hallmarks identified in the Exceptional Children’s Department Strategic Plan.  Stephanie Lowe Ellis, Director of Exceptional Children, stated, “These individuals exemplify the excellence with which we want our staff to provide for our students. They are exemplar professionals and exceptional at what they do in their everyday service delivery. We are proud of their exceptional efforts to support our students with disabilities!”  The following individuals are award recipients:

(Listed includes the name of the professional, their role in the EC department, and the award they received.)

Front Row: (Left to Right)  Maida Bermudez Bosch, Speech-Language Therapist (Exceptional Leadership Award), Rebekah Williams, HS EC Teacher (Pristine and Powerful Progress Monitoring Award,) Jenny Southern, Elementary EC Teacher (Exceptional Leadership Award), Andi Wade, Preschool Teacher (Walkthrough Wonder Award)


Second Row: (Left to Right) Jana Hopper, Speech-Language Pathologist (Exceptional Leadership Award), Angie Harte, Hearing Impaired EC Teacher (Exceptional Leadership Award), Julie Sladky, Elementary EC Teacher (Walkthrough Wonder), Suzanna Campbell, Elementary EC Teacher (Walkthrough Wonder, Pristine and Powerful Progress Monitoring Award), Kristin Gillikin, Speech-Language Pathologist (Exceptional Leadership Award)

Third Row: (Left to Right) Amela Ahmetovic, School Psychologist (Exceptional Leadership Award), Brandy Seright, Elementary EC Teacher (Exceptional Leadership Award), Rebecca Moore, Occupational Therapist (Exceptional Leadership Award), Dana Tucker, Elementary EC Teacher (Walkthrough Wonder), Amy Dowdle, Middle School EC Teacher (Walkthrough Wonder Award), Kelly Self, Elementary EC Teacher (Remarkable Relationships Award, Exceptional Leadership Award)