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Rockingham County High School Staff, Assignments,
and Email Addresses
Jim CarrollRyan HardenCol. Gaither
You may email a teacher by clicking on their address below. 

Sarah Amick Exceptional Education samick@rock.k12.nc.us
Misty Attaway Guidance, Drop Out Prevention mattaway@rock.k12.nc.us
Rick Baciuska Sports and Entertainment Marketing, Co-op rbaciuska@rock.k12.nc.us
Mike Belter US History, American History I, Honors American History I mbelter@rock.k12.nc.us
Lisa Breedlove Exceptional Education lbreedlove@rock.k12.nc.us
Tim Buck Career Management, CTE Advanced Studies tbuck@rock.k12.nc.us
Justin Bulla  Dramajbulla@rock.k12.nc.us
Phoebe Bulls
College Advisor
Steve Cannuli English I CP, English III CP, Comm. Skills  scannuli@rock.k12.nc.us
Jim Carroll CDC jcarroll@rock.k12.nc.us
MSgt. Tony Carter ROTC Leadership Education (LE), ROTC IV Leadership of the Corps AS/LE, Leadership Lab I, II, III tcarter2@rock.k12.nc.us
Betty Cardwell
 Public Safety, EMT I and II
Laurel Clark English II CP, English III CP//HN lclark2@rock.k12.nc.us
Charles Cotter Science ccotter@rock.k12.nc.us
Leigh Ann Cross Art lcross@rock.k12.nc.us
Robert Craddock Drafting rcraddock@rock.k12.nc.us
Lori Beth Davis  
Assistant Principal
Katrinka Davis Science kdavis3@rock.k12.nc.us
Donald Dohm Band ddohm@rock.k12.nc.us
Adrian Doss Science adoss@rock.k12.nc.us
Josh Evans
Fire Fighting
Col Henry Gaither ROTC I Aerospace Science (AS), ROTC III Global Studies (AS), ROTC IV Honors FAA Ground School (AS) hgaither@rock.k12.nc.us
Dale Gammon Earth Science dgammon@rock.k12.nc.us 
Mike Gebbia Team Sports mgebbia@rock.k12.nc.us
Renee Gibbs Foundations Math II,  Math II rgibbs@rock.k12.nc.us 
Theresa Giles   Exceptional Students Occupational Course of Studytgiles@rock.k12.nc.us
Melissa Gery  
Foreign Language
Theresa Giles
Exceptional Education
 Rachel Goots     
EC Self Contained Teacher
Jeff Hamilton Civics/Economics, World History, American History I jhamilton@rock.k12.nc.us 
Ryan Harden English I CP/HN, Comm. Skills rharden@rock.k12.nc.us
Teresa Harris Allied Health Science tharris@rock.k12.nc.us
Shannon Hazelwood    Guidance shazelwood@rock.k12.nc.us 
Cassie Higgs  
April Hopkins ESL Specialist ahopkins@rock.k12.nc.us
Gary Horton
American History I and II
Kim Horton
Exceptional Education
Erin Hughes   Media Coordinator, Yearbookehughes@rock.k12.nc.us
Sheri Johnson Found.Math III, Pre-Cal., Cal., Adv. Func.   sjohnson2@rock.k12.nc.us 
Sharon Jones Agri Science sjones4@rock.k12.nc.us
Jake Jones Health & Physical Education, Team Sports jjones2@rock.k12.nc.us
Lynn Knight Agri Science, Horticulture lknight2@rock.k12.nc.us
Gwenn Lance
CTE, Apparel and Personal Finance

Kyle Luegers  
Exceptional Education
Reyna Romero Lopez Spanish rromerolopez@rock.k12.nc.us
Troy Marquardt Science tmarquardt@rock.k12.nc.us 
Peter McSparin
Physical Education
Todd Moore Math II, Math III tmoore@rock.k12.nc.us
Melissa Motley English II CP, English III CP mmotley@rock.k12.nc.us 
Marlo Nall    Choral Director/Piano Lab mnall@rock.k12.nc.us
Courtney Paschal
Athletic Director
Janet O'Bryant     
English I and III
Jennifer Powell Health & Physical Education, F.I.T. jpowell@rock.k12.nc.us
Jennifer Rash Instructional Coach
Nedine Rowe
Suzanne Russell
Health Science
Math III, Advanced Functions &Modeling
Derick Shelton
Automotives dshelton@rock.k12.nc.us  
Ed Shamshoum Science eshamshoum@rock.k12.nc.us 
Renee Shropshire
 Speech-Language Pathologist
Jessie Southard
American History II, Civics and Economics
Frieda Strickland Consumer Science fstrickland@rock.k12.nc.us  
Joan TatumAssistant Principal, Building and Grounds jtatum@rock.k12.nc.us 
Jodi Troxler  
Math Department
Jason Turner  
Woody Wall Health & Physical Education wwall@rock.k12.nc.us
Nina Walls MS Word, PowerPoint and Publisher, MS Excel and Access, MS Excel and Access Honors, CTE Advanced Studies, Multimedia & Web Page Design  nwalls@rock.k12.nc.us
Richie WeaverPrincipalrweaver@rock.k12.nc.us
Sandee Wiggins
Judith Williams
English IV, Yearbook, APEX
Mike Williams Social Studies mwilliams2@rock.k12.nc.us 
Angela Wilson English IV CP/HN/AP, Journalism awilson@rock.k12.nc.us

Tim Haley Exceptional Education thaley@rock.k12.nc.us
Terry Hutchens Exceptional Education thutchins@rock.k12.nc.us
Personnel, Cafeteria
Manager, and SRO
Lori Bailey Book Keeper lbailey@rock.k12.nc.us 
Scott Isley Student Accountability sisley2@rock.k12.nc.us 
Shannon French  
Guidance Secretary
Cheryl Griffin Receptionist cgriffin@rock.k12.nc.us 
Melanie Isley Cafeteria Manager       misley@rock.k12.nc.us 
Shane Bullins  
 SRO sbullins@rock.k12.nc.us
Student Health    
Hagan Pace Family Nurse Practitioner hpace@rock.k12.nc.us
Mitzi Tate 
Medical Clerk
Lynne Chilton   Registered Nursejchilton@rock.k12.nc.us
Pam LadettoLicensed Clinical Social Workerpladetto@rock.k12.nc.us 
Jackie Carter    
Walter Gant
Joe Hairston
Gerald Lawrence
Melissa Lawson
Roger Pinnix
Aretha Price
Joe Settle
Melanie Isley, Mgr.
Betty Curry
Barbara Hodges
Linda Jullian
Judy Scott
Larry Spence
Ada Williams