203 Stone Street | Stoneville, NC | 336.445.1999

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Stoneville Elementary Staff
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 Mrs. Kasie Pruitt
 Mrs. Kasie Pruitt, Principal
Kasie PruittPrincipal
Office Staff
 (left to right)  Robin Vernon and Melita Hatley 
Name Position
Melita Hatley Data Manager
Robin Vernon Secretary/Bookkeeper
Pre-K Staff
(left to right)  Antionette Scales, Gayle Dalton, and Elizabeth Nelson
 Name  Position
Gayle Dalton Pre-K Assistant
Elizabeth Nelson
Pre-K Teacher
Antionette ScalesSpeech Assistant
Kindergarten Staff
(left to right)  top- Stephanie Hall, Pam Shope, Joyce Brown, and Denise Vaden
bottom-Marisol Velez, LaShanda DaltonRuth Luna, and Marla Joyce-Nelson 
 Name  Position
Joyce BrownKindergarten Teacher
LaShanda DaltonKindergarten Assistant
Stephanie Hall Kindergarten Assistant
Marla Joyce-NelsonKindergarten Teacher
Pam ShopeKindergarten Teacher
Ruth Luna SPLASH
Denise Vaden
Kindergarten Assistant
Marisol VelezSPLASH
First Grade Staff
(left to right) Susan Gusler, Cheryl Allred, Sandi Adkins, Amy Steere, Diana Salinas, and Marisol Velez
 Name Position
Sandi AdkinsFirst Grade Assistant
Cheryl Allred
First Grade Teacher
Susan GuslerFirst Grade Teacher
Diana Salinas
Amy Steere  First Grade Teacher
Marisol Velez
Second Grade Staff
(left to right) Marisol Valez, Sarah Carpenter, Jasara Woods, Susan Campbell, Misty Campbelland Elsy Manrique  
 Name  Position
Misty Campbell
 Second Grade Teacher
Susan Campbell
Second Grade Assistant
Sarah Carpenter Second Grade Teacher
Elsy Manrique SPLASH
Marisol Velez  SPLASH
Jasara Woods Second Grade Teacher
Third Grade Staff
(left to right) Ronda Holcomb, Denise Sears, and Paige Taylor
 Name  Position
Ronda Holcomb   Third Grade Teacher
Denise Sears Third Grade Teacher
Paige TaylorThird Grade Teacher
Fourth Grade Staff
(left to right) Molithia Spencer, Lisa Ranzo, and Amy Bullins 
 Name  Position
Amy Bullins Fourth Grade Teacher
Lisa RanzoFourth Grade Teacher
Molithia SpencerFourth Grade Teacher
Fifth Grade Staff
(left to right) Amber Haskin, Angel Garrett, and Lauren Brown
 Name  Position
Lauren Brown Fifth Grade Teacher
Angel Garrett Fifth Grade Teacher
Amber HaskinFifth Grade Teacher
BEP Staff
(left to right) Allison AdcockKen Dowdle, Renee Halpin, and Mary Ann Horsley
Not Pictured:  Heather Rorrer 
 Name  Position
Allison Adcock
Guidance Counselor
Ken Dowdle PE Teacher
Renee Halpin Music Teacher
Maryann Courtois-Horsley   Media Teacher
Heather RorrerComputer Teacher
Exceptional Children and Title I Staff
(left to right) top- Patricia Powell, Tammy Chester, Heather Hicks, and Dana Tucker
bottom- Lisa Noe, Mandy Biggs, Becky Holliday, and Jennifer Griffin
Not Pictured:  Ashley Gentry 
 Name  Position
Mandy Biggs EC Assistant
Tammy ChesterTitle I Teacher
Ashley GentryEC Teacher
Jennifer GriffinEC Assistant
Heather Hicks EC Teacher
Becky Holliday Speech Pathologist
Lisa Noe   EC Teacher
Patricia Powell EC Assistant 
Dana Tucker
EC Teacher
Support Staff
(left to right)  Sheri Wolfe, Sherri Hall, and Kasey Mitchell
Not Pictured:  Douglas Corum
Extra  nurse
 Name  Position
Douglas CorumSocial Worker
Sherri HallInstructional Coach
Kasey Mitchell
School Nurse
Sheri Wolfe ESL Teacher
Custodial Staff
(left to right) Vanessa Conner, Janice Farmer, and Robert Keck
 Name  Position
Vanessa Conner Custodian
Janice Farmer Head Custodian
Robert Keck Custodian