315 Wrenn Memorial Rd. l PO Box 288 | Wentworth, NC | 342.4261 x2605

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About Us

Students: 329
Mascot: Griffin
School Colors: Black, Purple, and Silver
Office Hours: 7:30-4:00

Rockingham Early College High School is a small high school with a diverse population located on the campus of Rockingham Community College in Wentworth, North Carolina.  Our guiding principles are rigor, relevance, relationships, equity, and sustainability.  All students participate in a university-preparation curriculum that meets individual student needs.
  We utilize non-traditional scheduling that promotes meaningful learning as well as student-student, student-teacher, and student-community relationships.  Students are enrolled in both high school and college courses from their first semester.  Students who graduate from our program will earn a high school diploma and also have the opportunity to earn their  Associate's Degree.  We offer our students a small community where they can become global learners.  We think of ourselves as a family; students, teachers, and staff alike.

Demographics for the 2026-2017 school year.
American Native (M) = 0
American Native (F) = 2
Asian (M) = 2
Asian (F) = 1
Hispanic (M) = 13
Hispanic (F) = 31
Black (M) = 25
Black (F) = 37
Pacific Islander (M) = 0
Pacific Islander (F) = 0
White (M) = 86
White (F) = 119
Two or More (M) = 2
Two or More (F) = 10

Total Male = 128
Total Female = 200
By Grade Level
9th - 80
10th - 74
11th - 60
12th - 75
13th - 40